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  • Water activities
    The Rivière Étoilée campground has paddle boards and kayaks for rent so you can admire the river and its surroundings.
  • Salmon river
    The Salmon River is a tributary of the Saint-François River and flows successively through several municipalities.
  • Winter activities
    The park has recently opened a classic cross-country path that extends almost all the way along the multipurpose path from December 20 until the thaw period in March.
  • Hiking trail
    The park offers an 8.3km beginner-level stone path. Completely located in nature, the path allows everyone ranging from families to seniors as well as seasoned hikers to enjoy it.


What are your business hours?
The park is always accessible from dawn until dusk starting Victoria Day until Thanksgiving.
Are there fees to enter the park?
No. The park and the multipurpose park are accessible for free to all users.
Is it permitted to bring dogs for a walk?
Yes. However, it must be always on a leash and must never go off the path. We are counting on your collaboration to pick up after your dog and throw the waste in the appropriate location.
Is it possible to rent equipment onsite?
Yes, but during the summer only. There are hybrid and electric bicycles for rent as well as various cycling accessories. There is also nautical equipment for rent such as paddle boards and kayaks.
Is fishing permitted?
Yes, but according to the same regulations as with all bodies of water. You must have your licence and respect the current regulations in this zone.
Does one need a specialised bicycle to enjoy the path?
Absolutely not. The path is landscaped entirely in the forest and is composed of stone dust which makes it accessible by bike, stroller, and four-wheeled scooters.
Are there winter activities in the park?
Yes. In fact, the path is designed for classic cross-country skiing. The other half is used and reserved for hikers and snowshoers.
Where can I get drinkable water?
You must make sure to bring enough water for your hike. There are no water access points in the park.
Are the paths closed during hunting season?
Yes. The park is closed to the public the day after Thanksgiving up until December 20.