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  • Water activities
    The Rivière Étoilée campground has paddle boards and kayaks for rent so you can admire the river and its surroundings.
  • Salmon river
    The Salmon River is a tributary of the Saint-François River and flows successively through several municipalities.
  • Winter activities
    The park has recently opened a classic cross-country path that extends almost all the way along the multipurpose path from December 20 until the thaw period in March.
  • Hiking trail
    The park offers an 8.3km beginner-level stone path. Completely located in nature, the path allows everyone ranging from families to seniors as well as seasoned hikers to enjoy it.

Ethics code and regulations

Park users must respect the ethics code of the organization. This code ensures that its users adopt respectful behaviour towards others and make good use of the picnic areas, rental equipment, and any other park infrastructures.
Walk in the marked paths only.
Keep your domestic animals on a leash and always pick up after them.
Observe the fauna at a distance and do not feed the wild animals.
Leave all plants, mushrooms, rocks, sticks and other natural elements found in the park on-site.
Keep the different infrastructures intact and respect private property.
Bring back your waste and place it in the garbage, compost, and recycling bins at your disposal.
Fishing is permitted in the areas where such activity is allowed, with a corresponding mandatory fishing licence.
It is prohibited to drive motorised vehicles on the path.
It is always prohibited to build a fire.
It is prohibited to camp out in the park.
It is prohibited to swim in the different bodies of water in the park.